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Information on Corona (COVID-19)

Updated: September 2021

We are pleased to announce that during the next phase of restrictions, as it is classed as essential training, we are continuing to offer our planned face to face on-site and off-site First Aid & Fire training courses which  include new COVID-19 Protocols & Procedures. Now that hotels have reopened we are now returning to training as normal with the obvious adaptations required. 

All training courses are delivered with enhanced additional safety measures which may include social distancing, temperature checks, all concerned wearing face coverings when needed (provided free of charge by FCFA) and following our COVID-19 requirements.

First Class First Aid take the Health & Safety of our course attendees very seriously and review our high standards continuously. We have produced the following information to reassure all attendees that we take the COVID-19 infection outbreak very seriously while also highlighting the measures we have in place in order to maintain the continued safety and welfare for all of our participants who train with us. This information will be updated frequently in line with the very latest advice and our own ongoing daily assessment of the situation.

For the continued safety of all of our customers and trainers alike, and to prevent the spread of any potential COVID-19 infection, we have implemented strict training practices, policies and processes. This covers the preparation and delivery of all of our training sessions. This includes but may not be limited to the following:

  • On booking, we will send you clear information and advice entitled "Managing The Risk of Coronavirus (COVID-19) For Course Participants"              

  • Clear information will be displayed prior to and in the training area in regard to COVID-19. This includes the processes and behaviour required of all participants on arrival and during our training. This is in line with your joint responsibility and our duty of care.                                                       

  • Participants on arrival showing any signs of illness or infection, no matter how mild, or during the course that we feel may pose a danger, will be withdrawn from the training and a free course transfer will be offered. We also advise that if anyone in your household is showing symptoms of infection then you consider isolating yourself from the course. All candidates will also be temperature checked on arrival and monitored throughout the course.

  • You will be required to watch 2 short videos regarding the COVID-19 infection and hand washing technique prior to commencement of the course.

  • We are continuously monitoring the latest news on COVID-19. 2 Social distancing is in effect during all of our training courses. We will do all we can to ensure a minimum space of 2 metres between students as often as is practical including when seated and during practical exercises. All students will also be offered medical face masks to wear (free of charge) where applicable. As a minimum, face masks must be worn during the brief period where participants may have to work within 2 metres of one another (if not in a work bubble) and where social distancing is not practical/possible to complete the course of training.
  • All of our manikins and training equipment are disinfected with Trionic/Alcohol wipes (70%) prior to each training session in line with the very latest HSE & Resuscitation Council UK Guidance. Face shields are provided as an added safeguard for individuals to use if required.

  • All working surfaces are disinfected prior to arrival. Course delegates are required to wash thier hands with soap and warm water prior to entering the training room. They are reminded to use our sanitisers, alcohol wipes, and tissues if needed on a regular basis. Should a course participant break the hygiene protocol then they will politely be requested to wash their hands and disinfect appropriately.

Our requirements, which reduce the risk of spreading the COVID-19 infection, are informed directly by NHS England, The World Health Organisation (WHO), The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and other professional training organisations. These are monitored daily and are reviewed and updated when required.

"A Coronavirus is a type of virus. As a group, Coronaviruses are common across the world. COVID-19 is a new strain of Coronavirus first identified in Wuhan City, China in January 2020. It is thought that Coronavirus (COVID-19) is spread in small droplets through coughing or sneezing".

As we all now know, out of the 66 million people in the UK, many have contracted this virus and thousands have sadly passed away. As you will be aware, the country continues to be on alert in order to contain this virus and no doubt will do for the  months ahead. Our approach below will be reviewed as the situation in the UK changes and as information is updated by relevant authorities.

Information to read before attending.   Managing the Risk of Coronavirus (COVID-19) for Course Participants.

  • If you appear, or  have been confirmed to be showing a temperature of above 37.8C, or have any symptoms typical of flu, cough, cold, loss of taste or have been in close contact with somebody who has had or has good reason to believe they may have had the COVID-19 infection, then the person concerned should self-exclude form the course. In these circumstances there will be no cancellation charge and you will be offered a mutually convenient/alternative date to rebook when you are clear of any suspected virus.

  • If you have recently travelled to a country that is classed by the government to be of high risk of the COVID-19 infection you should self-exclude from the course. In these circumstances there will be no cancellation charge and once again a mutually convenient/alternative date can be arranged when safe to do so.

  • If you exhibit any signs of illness on arrival, or during the training, the course instructor's decision is final on whether to isolate you from the course. There will be no cancellation charge applicable and a mutually convenient time can be arranged to continue when safe to do so.

  • As a safeguard, all students are politely requested to wash their hands thoroughly with soap and warm water for 20 seconds in the restrooms provided prior to attendance on the course and frequently between activities when instructed to do so. We also ask you to respect a 2 metre social distancing rule wherever possible which will be enforced. All students may also be required to wear a face mask where required in particular when working within a 2 metre zone of each other, particularly if they are not already in a work bubble.

  • Alcohol wipes/hand gels/hand soap and tissues are also provided in the training room for your comfort, health and reassurance while you are with us on our training. According to WHO, washing with warm soapy water is the most effective method of hand sanitising.

  • If you notice symptoms within 14 days of your attendance on our course or you recieve a positive diagnosis for a COVID-19 infection during this time scale, please report this to us immediately on 01202 245709.

Managing the Risk of Coronavirus (COVID-19) for Course Organisers.

CPR Training

For your information, The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has provided the following guidance in connection with the current proportionate level of infection control when training in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) using manikins for which First Class First Aid comply with as follows:

  • Replacement and disposal of lungs and airways in all manikins after each training session.

  • Wiping the face of the manikin with disinfectant (70% Alcohol) wipes after each and in between students. Participants may use individual face shields  if they so wish which should be disposed of safely at the end of the session.

  • Washing manikin faces with an appropriate disinfectant solution (Trionic scrubbing) after completion of each training session.


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Ray & Tracy Venner.
Managing Directors - First Class First Aid Training Partnership